The Account Level Validation

We validate the IBAN for all the countries we support here, but also as another important metric, We do country-level account validation for some countries, where we can calculate and validate the checksum of the account for all the countries in the below list.

Flag Name Currency IBAN Length
Belgium EUR 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina BAM 20
Czech Republic CZK 24
Estonia EUR 20
France EUR 27
Germany EUR 22
Hungary HUF 28
Iceland ISK 26
Italy EUR 27
Macedonia MKD 19
Monaco EUR 27
Montenegro EUR 22
Norway NOK 15
Portugal EUR 25
San Marino EUR 27
Serbia RSD 22
Slovakia EUR 24
Slovenia EUR 19
Spain EUR 24
Switzerland CHF 21
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland GBP 22
East Timor USD 23
Central African Republic XAF 27
Chad XAF 27
Comoros KMF 27
Republic of the Congo XAF 27
Djibouti DJF 27
Equatorial Guinea XAF 27
Gabon XAF 27