The IBAN API Data Sources

Data is one of the main pillars of our service, and to make sure we have the most recent data, we deploy a set of automated tools to collect and process the data from different sources.

The top data source for most countries on IBANAPI is the central banks, if available, We have a set of tools to automatically process the periodically published bank identification registry by the central banks across the world.

User contribution and pull requests for our data repository on Github another source to correct and add new missing data. So if you think you have a correction or addition, please go ahead and create an Issue.

We also have a set of in-house tools to train our detection engine and generate reports of the missing banks of certain countries, and based on the reports, our team collects the missing data manually if needed.

For SEPA-related information, we use the public registry of the SEPA Clearer to make sure we have the freshest and accurate data in this term.

As mentioned above, The data is one pillar of our service, Another important pillar is the core validation engine itself, which has been engineered and used by hundreds of customers around the world. The validation engine. doesn't only validate the IBAN structure, but it can also validate the bank account number for some countries.