Introducing IBANAPI Self-Hosted: Take Control of Your Data!

Published on 24 Jun 2023

At IBANAPI, we understand the importance of data regulation and the need for local hosting solutions. That's why, after much dedication and collaboration with our enterprise customers, we are thrilled to announce the public launch of our Self-Hosted Version!

We've prioritized excellence in every aspect of our solution, ensuring a seamless and elegant experience.
With the IBANAPI Self-Hosted solution, you can say goodbye to the headaches of data syncing and service maintenance.
Our automatic syncing mechanism, easily configured using environment parameters, takes care of all the updates for you, without the hassle of complex cron jobs or manual interventions.

Designed for Debian Linux systems, we've developed our own APT server, making installation and updates a breeze for your DevOps or Engineering team. Rest assured, you'll have access to extensive documentation and powerful monitoring tools via your dashboard, enabling you to run your self-hosted version of IBANAPI independently and efficiently, in full compliance with your SLAs.

The best part? Integrating with our public API is a breeze. Just a simple URL change, and you can seamlessly switch to your self-hosted version, with zero changes required.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take full control of your IBAN API data. Contact us today for a personalized quotation.