Self-Hosted IBAN API

The stand-alone version of IBANAPI gives you control over your data and reduces latency, as it will be integrated into your setup!

It does require minimal server setup, which you can do yourself, or we can handle as part of the setup for you!

We empower dozens of reputable companies worldwide with this solution. Contact us today to learn more!

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The Stand-Alone/Self-Hosted IBAN Validation API

The IBANAPI service has been a trusted solution in the market for many years, used by thousands of companies and individuals worldwide!

Since our inception, our vision has been to create a hassle-free solution to assist various businesses in validating IBAN numbers and related solutions. With this vision in mind, we have achieved significant milestones along the way.

IBANAPI prioritizes simplicity and reliability at its core. After successfully serving thousands of businesses through our publicly available APIs, we have observed a growing need for a self-hosted solution to meet diverse business requirements, including:

  • Enhanced security and data control
  • Reduced latency and faster response times
  • Integration with existing setups and workflows
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements and standards

Our team has invested significant time in developing the self-hosted version, which has been adopted by numerous key players across various industries including money remittances, payment gateways, cryptocurrency services, and more. We've implemented multiple significant releases to enhance system stability and reliability, ensuring it can efficiently manage thousands of queries per second.

With the level of maturity achieved, we are confident that our solution can effectively address your IBAN validation needs with cost-efficiency and timely data updates, all without requiring manual intervention!

You can reach out via email to learn more about this solution and discover how it can solve your problem today.
The beauty of it is that if you are already integrated with our public APIs, transitioning to this solution is as simple as updating a URL!