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IBAN API Documentation

We provide freemium rest API for IBAN API validation through our database. It is easy to integrate with, just a few steps, and all done.
To start using the API, you need to get a free API key by signing up for the service from here.


The straight forward method to use the API is to call 'curl' command from terminal.
here how you can call it, don't forget to replace API_KEY with your own key.
curl ""

API Response

We will start by showing the success response, which will be similar to the following JSON.
   "message":"Valid IBAN Number",
         "message":"Valid IBAN length"
         "message":"Valid IBAN Checksum"
         "bank_name":"AS SEB PANK",
         "address":"TORNIMAE 2 FLOOR 10",

As you can see from JSON example, the main result object will contain four variables
  • result will be integer 200 in case of success
  • message will be string
  • validations will be object with all available validations
  • expremental will be 0 or 1 depends on the country IBAN status
  • data will be object which contains 2 more objects sepa and bank alongside other information
For SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) object it will hold more information if only the bank is member of SEPA.

Error responses

In case of errors, you should receive http response code similar to the result variable in the JSON response.
The following JSON is for Invalid API key as an example.

  result: 401,
  message: "Invalid API Key",

API Endpoints

The available endpoints for the API are:
  • /validate/{IBAN} IBAN Validate, using this endpoint will validate the IBAN and try to get the bank information if exists, which means it will deduct 1 credit point from basic validation and 1 credit point from bank validation.
  • /validate-basic It will return the validation results for the IBAN without bank information, and the deduction will be 1 basic credit only.
  • /balance For balance and expiry check, and it's free of charge, no balance deduction will happen.

IBAN API JSONP integration

Our API can be integrated with single-page applications (SPA) on the client-side using the JSONP integration, which will work without the cross-origin violation error.
The following is an example of how to use it with the popular javascript library (jQuery).

      url: "",
      dataType: 'jsonp',
      success: function (data) {
You can also use our vanilla javascript library without extra dependency, which you can download from the integrations section, or you can use CDN.[email protected]/dist/ibanapi.min.js

Run in Postman

Just click the below button to open it in your postman

OpenAPI Docs

Please follow this link for OpenAPI/Swagger documentation and for testing the API