The IBAN public registry for Russia

The following information for Russia as seen on the SWIFT Public Registry.
The IBAN Registry will show information about the Russia IBAN, BBAN, Bank account length, and more.

Banks in Russia List of Banks in Russia
Name of country Russia
IBAN prefix country code (ISO 3166) RU
Country code includes other countries/territories N/A
SEPA country No
SEPA country also includes N/A
Domestic account number example 40817 810 5 3809 1310419
BBAN structure 9!n5!n15!c
BBAN length 29
Bank identifier position within the BBAN 1-9
Bank identifier length 9!n
Branch identifier position within the BBAN 10-14
Branch identifier length 5!n
Bank identifier example 044525225
Branch identifier example 40817
BBAN example 044525225 40817 810 5 3809 1310419
IBAN structure RU2!n9!n5!n15!c
IBAN length 33
Effective date Apr-23
IBAN electronic format example RU1704452522540817810538091310419
IBAN print format example RU17 0445 2522 5408 1781 0538 0913 1041 9
Organisation The Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Street Address Neglinnaya Street, 12
City / Postcode Moscow
Department (generic) Email [email protected]
Secondary Contact Name Myznikov
First Name Mikhail
Title Advisor Economical
Email [email protected]
Tel +7 495 771 43 92
Last update date May-22