The IBAN public registry for Oman

The following information for Oman as seen on the SWIFT Public Registry.
The IBAN Registry will show information about the Oman IBAN, BBAN, Bank account length, and more.

Banks in Oman List of Banks in Oman
Name of country Oman
IBAN prefix country code (ISO 3166) OM
Country code includes other countries/territories N/A
SEPA country No
SEPA country also includes N/A
Domestic account number example 0000001299123456
BBAN structure 3!n16!c
BBAN length 19
Bank identifier position within the BBAN 1-3
Bank identifier length 3!n
Bank identifier example 018
BBAN example 0180000001299123456
IBAN structure OM2!n3!n16!c
IBAN length 23
Effective date Mar-24
IBAN electronic format example OM810180000001299123456
IBAN print format example OM81 0180 0000 0129 9123 456
Organisation Central Bank of Oman
Street Address "Head Office, Al Markazi, Building Number:44
City / Postcode P.O. Box 1161"
Department (generic) Email 112 Ruwi - Commercial Business District - Muscat
Department Tel [email protected]
Last update date Feb-24