The IBAN public registry for Norway

The following information for Norway as seen on the SWIFT Public Registry.
The IBAN Registry will show information about the Norway IBAN, BBAN, Bank account length, and more.

Banks in Norway List of Banks in Norway
Name of country Norway
IBAN prefix country code (ISO 3166) NO
Country code includes other countries/territories N/A
SEPA country Yes
SEPA country also includes N/A
Domestic account number example 8601 11 17947
BBAN structure 4!n6!n1!n
BBAN length 11
Bank identifier position within the BBAN 1-4
Bank identifier pattern 4!n
Bank identifier example 8601
BBAN example 86011117947
IBAN structure NO2!n4!n6!n1!n
IBAN length 15
Effective date Apr-07
IBAN electronic format example NO9386011117947
IBAN print format example NO93 8601 1117 947
Organisation DnB NOR Bank
Street Address 7100
City / Postcode 5020 Bergen
Last update date Aug-09